Direct bonus

A direct bonus is an amount that is added to your account without requiring a deposit.

You’ll still have to fulfill the wagering requirements and respect the restrictions, so please read carefully!

Do you want to check some examples of bonuses to get an idea of how restrictions work? Click HERE.

You can play any bonus that you have in your account as long as it is before the expiration date stated on the bonus.

Do you want to know more about the status of your bonuses? Click HERE.

You may need to activate the bonus in your "My Promos" section by clicking “More Info” after having read the Terms and Conditions of your offer.

If you try to withdraw funds in your account while you have an active bonus, unless stated otherwise in the Terms and Conditions of the relevant offer, you will be able to withdraw any non-bonus restricted funds; however, the bonus and any winnings will be removed from the account. When you try to withdraw, you will receive a pop-up advising this if you have any active bonuses on your account.